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WPC Doors in Hyderabad

How WPC Doors are Made

WPC Doors in Hyderabad – WPC doors and frames are Made with High Quality Polymers by adding wood powder collected from saw mills and factories also by including fibres. Because of these composition WPC has many similar characteristics of Timber.

WPC Door Frames in Hyderabad
WPC Door Frames Hyderabad
Welltech WPC Door Frames in Hyderabad
WPC Door Frames in Secunderabad
Advantages of WPC Doors

Bend Resistance

WPC doors and Frame are Bend Resistant and Won’t change their shape due to Twist, Heat and Damp Etc.

High Density

WPC Doors and Door Frames are with high Density unlike any other material.


WPC Doors and Door Frames are recyclable similar to timber doors.

Termite Proof

WPC Doors and Frames are Termite Proof however wooden Doors are vulnerable for Termites

Can Be painted

WPC Doors are not needed to be Painted however if you are specific to a color or texture the same can be painted on these Doors and Frames.

WPC is Carpenter Friendly

No other extra knowledge required for Installation of WPC doors and Frames, Any Carpenter can work.

Ready to Fix

WPC comes in Ready to Use Doors and Frames, No Extra Work required Just little work is to Install.