Rolling Mosquito Net for Windows

Mosquito Net Rolling Shutter Windows of Welltech Systems are named for their innovative ideas which make people’s lives more comfy and subtle. And one more product that enters this type of innovativeness is our Roller Screens.

Welltech Systems Roller Screens mark their identity by their unique feature of retract ability, this modern feature outstands the people’s taste and precept by providing an option, i.e.

Rolling Mosquito Net for Windows

 whenever we like to cover our windows with mesh this roller screens comes handy just by pull of our wrist vertically, as it can be placed above the existing window surface or inside the window surface as per the requirement.

Welltech Systems roller screens gives an extra agility of inbuilt cleaning system , i.e. here in this system screens are manufactured using aluminium profiles and fiber glass mesh only keeping in mind its need to clean. 

Mosquito Net Rolling Shutter Windows in Hyderabad

How to install Mosquito rolling net for windows

So, it has concurrent brushes inside its make to give you ever fresh appeal after every usage. Welltech Systems manual Roller System is easy to use and easy to maintain. It is the most appealed product now days as it is compatible with wooden window frames, uPVC window frames, aluminium window frames …ETC. We use Saint Gobain, Phifer Fiber Glasses to our Rolling Screen Windows that give strength and new look to our windows.

The features of Sleek Screen Windows are:

Considering following combinations:

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  • Shields the entry of mosquitoes and provides complete mosquito protection.
  • Can be installed on any type of frame.
  • Has Fiber glass net making the screen robust and improving the durability
  • Reduces the amount of UV light.
  • High velocity wind resistance.
  • Interlocking Zip track.
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