Pulley Cloth Drying hangers in Bhubaneswar

Pulley Cloth Dry Hanger fixed to ceiling is the innovation of Welltech Systems used for drying the clothes at roof top. The product service is widely spread in Bhubaneswar, Odisha by our authorized dealer
This type of ceiling hanger is convenient and easily installed to the ceiling and has a set of six stainless steel rods.
Pulley Cloth Drying hangers in Bhubaneswar
These Stainless Steel pipes are rust free and Each individual stainless steel pipe is attached to a pulley for the smooth ascension/dissention, using nylon cord for hanging them separately as needed. It has facility to raise and lower each individual stainless steel on a pulley system using a flexible nylon thread.
It is perfect and can easily fitted anywhere in the home and is convenient to placed like veranda, bathroom, bedroom, balconies, etc., and also useful in Hotels, Hospitals and Hostels. It uses very less space to be placed and holds maximum number of clothes to dry.

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These are individually adjustable Stainless Steel Rods which can use as 2 lines, 4 lines and 6 lines. This type of ceiling cloth dry hanger can be available in different lengths like 5 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft and 8 ft. The Weltech ceiling hangers bhubaneswar price is super reasonable, and they are also very durable.
Due to high temperature at ceiling space, the warm air which is trapped at ceiling will be useful for drying the clothes faster and the shades of the clothes will never lost and life span of the clothes increases. It is very easy to maintain and operate the pulley system cloth dry hanger.

Why do we need cloth drying hangers?

The apartment culture has grown in the cities because there is not enough space for independent houses. The apartments do not have enough space to dry clothes. The main purpose of ceiling hangers is to dry clothes in a very small space. 
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